The Team

Baggee creator Jaq CroftJaq Croft - Creator of the Baggee

I designed the Baggee after spending yet another frustrating trip to the shops having forgotten my bags. After much thought (and a couple of glasses of wine) I realised I always have my keys with me and that if some sort of a plastic bag holder could work with a keychain attachment then my plastic bag problems would be solved. Much sketching and cutting holes in spherical objects ensued until finally the Baggee was born!

I soon realised that the Baggee was useful for storing all types of bags and in particular, those used by dog walkers. Even though the Baggee stores bags for both shopping and dog walking they are of course two totally different activities (and dog bags aren’t much use for carrying shopping!) so it was decided to create a new exclusive brand for dog walkers called the Doggee. Exactly the same in everyway but branded ‘Doggee’, it hooks onto your dog's lead so that your bags are always right where your dog is and more importantly, right where you need them to be.

As well as working on the Baggee brand, I am an actress living in South West London with my husband, daughter and two dogs, Flipper and Fang. I have done numerous television and theatre roles, spending three years as Carrie Owen in the Channel 4 soap 'Hollyoaks'. Ever the creative, I spend my spare time upcycling furniture and interior designing.


Baggee MD Conal CunninghamConal Cunningham - Managing Director

After Jaq shared her idea of the Baggee with me in the autumn of 2009, I thought it was such a great idea that it had to be developed and so we started Baggee Ltd. Neither of us had any manufacturing experience before and so it took quite a lot of research, wrong turns and perseverance, not to mention help from manufacturers, patent lawyers and investors, to create the final product. I have run a small recording studio in London for a few years so had a basic idea of how business works but this was the first time we had brought a product to market and it was quite an education with more than a few lessons learnt on the way.

Baggee Ltd is based in London and the Original Baggee and Doggee product ranges are proudly made in Eastbourne, UK. When I'm not extolling the virtues of portable plastic bag dispeners, I spend my spare time playing guitar in a band, sailing and generally trying to keep the middle age spread off! I am still married to Jaq....