Introducing the Doggee

Doggee is a Baggee for dog walkersA Baggee for dog walkers

The DOGGEE is a funky bag dispenser on a keychain that stores the type of bags needed by all responsible dog walkers for picking up poop. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it and although it ain’t always pleasant, that someone is you. It is basically identical to a Baggee keychain dispenser in every way but the logo.

All types of bags can be used in both the Doggee and Baggee, including bags on rolls, in packs, supermarket bags or even nappy bags. Both versions can hold up to 14 biodegradable bags, 25 nappy sacks or even 3 supermarket bags if your dog is that big!

Unlike the roll holders, the bags are stuffed in individually beforehand which means they are easier to pull out. For those who keep their bags in their pockets, you now no longer need to worry about which jeans or jacket to wear as the Doggee has a spring lever key ring that clips conveniently to your lead. Also no more bags falling out of pockets or ending up in the washing machine!

Because of its unique design there is no need for a lid as your bags will always stay in, even down to the last one. As long as the bags are stuffed in one at a time they will always pull out one at a time, even with a mixture of different bags.

Why use a Doggee instead of a roll dispenser?

Bags on rolls need to be pulled apart at some stage, usually tearing in the wrong place when it's the most inconvenient moment. As bags simply pull out one at a time from the Doggee it saves on enormous amounts of faff when you least want faff! Also in the long run a small fortune can be saved on plastic bags.

Why don’t I just use my pockets?

Apart from the chance of wearing the wrong jacket or trousers or always having bags falling out of every pocket when at the shops (not a good look!) and of course the washing machine it is nearly impossible to just pull out one bag at a time from your pockets and so time running after ‘bags in the wind’ in the park is saved.

Are there any plastic bags I can’t use?

There are obviously size limitations but we haven’t met anyone with a dog that big yet! Otherwise all bags whether it be nappy sacks, rolls, in packs or free from some councils simply stuff inside, which as said before can save money in the long run.

How to use your Doggee