How to use your Baggee

How to use your BaggeeSo. How does this magic plastic bag holder work?

Whether your bags are on a roll, in a pack or from the supermarket they all just simply stuff one at a time into the Baggee, you can even use lots of different bags and they will all squeeze up next to each other and stay in without the need for a lid.

How do the plastic bags stay in and only come out one at a time?

Because of the special Baggee design, bags ‘cling’ to each other and stay inside. The opening is just large enough for fingers to pick out bags yet doesn’t let the bags fall out. Plastic bags are light and scrunchable and this enables them to be pulled out one at a time (as long as they’ve been stuffed in one at a time, it’s not magic!).

How many plastic bags does it hold?

It depends on the weight of your bags. Up to 3 supermarket bags, 14 biodegradable waste bags or 25 nappy bags can be stuffed inside.

Where do I clip my Baggee on to?

Baggee is on a keychain so if you’re using it for shopping bags clip it to your keys! Of course it can clip to your handbag, jeans or to the inside of you car. Dog walkers should clip it to your dog’s lead as your dog is usually at the end of it. The keychain can also easily be removed and replaced with a lanyard or small carabiner.

Are all Baggees the same size?

Yes, don’t let the arms and legs of the Mr. Men and Little Miss Naughty deceive you, all Baggee’s are built to the same patented design that holds bags in but releases them one at a time.

Use your Baggee so you never forget supermarket bags again