Why use a Baggee?

Use your Baggee and your bags to stay organisedGet organised!

How many time have you arrived at the supermarket checkout only to realise you've left your bags back at home or in the car….again!

Baggee makes sure you always have bags to hand when you need them. Plus, you avoid having to pay extra for even more bags to bring home. How many more can that kitchen drawer take after all?!

Simply take the existing plastic bags you already have and push them into the Baggee, attach it to your keys or handbag and you're good to go. It means that when you get to the till, whether in the supermarket, grocers or just the local newsagents, you already have your plastic bags with you and you can enjoy the gasps of amazement as you pull, not just one, but up to three regular supermarket bags from it. It's immensely satisfying to have remembered and re-used a bag and as we like to say ‘if you use a bag twice you halve a problem.’

The Baggee is a funky, accessible and easy to use device and comes in several attractive colours and models. We started with the original 6 colours of blue, pink, green, purple, grey and turquoise (or teal apparently!) and then once we’d perfected the manufacturing technique moved on to the transparent Ghost Baggee range that allows you to easily see how many bags you have left. Or you can fill them with coloured/ patterned bags and create your own Baggee design! Lush Baggee was designed to bring a bit of sparkle and glitz to your shopping experience and of course all Baggees have the added bonus that your keys are easily found in expensive handbags!

Finally, we have our Mr Men range with Mr. Happy, Little Miss Naughty, Mr. Bump and Mr. Happy who are simply fun to have along and a good way to keep the children happy when boredom begins to set in on a shop.

More shapes and characters are in the pipeline and if you have any ideas we would love to hear from you.

Using your Baggee is an ethical choiceDo your bit

Around 500 billion bags (yes billion!) were consumed last year alone and that’s a conservative number, some statistics put the number at 1 trillion. With that in mind it’s not really rocket science to work out that reusing the existing plastic bags you have hidden under the kitchen sink is the right thing to do. So don’t continually kick yourself for forgetting and do something positive to stop the proliferation of plastic bags, both at home and in our landfill and waterways, use the bags until they are no more use and deposit them at the used bag banks situated at most supermarkets.

Baggees are also a simple and fun way to educate children about recycling. Letting them stuff bags in themselves and then pull them out when at the shops teaches at an early age that there is a real satisfaction and self worth when recycling, guaranteeing they’ll want to do it again and hopefully inspiring a sense of environmental responsibility in the future. (It should go without saying, but don't leave small children unattended with plastic bags).

Baggees are designed to last a long time; some have been used for over six years now in rain, snow, sun and wind. When however you wish to renew it please send it back to us and we can have it broken down and remade into a new one and so help us to make the Baggee a truly sustainable device. We will charge half price on the next Baggee purchase for every Baggee returned to us we with a name and address enclosed.

Use your Baggee and make people smile5 reasons you should use a Baggee

  1. ‘If you use a bag twice you halve a problem!’
  2. You make a statement to others that there is a simple solution to reducing the amount of bags used
  3. It will save you money on plastic bag charges
  4. Be ahead of your time, Baggee will be a fashion accessory!
  5. You look like you’re performing a magic trick when you pull a couple of bags out at the shops